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Covid- 19 Update

To our loyal and dedicated Spartan Football Family.  As we continue to deal with our uncertain times,  and continue to follow our “Shelter In Place (SIP)” guidelines, we are still making plans for a great 2020 Football Season.  We’ve had to cancel our Spring Football practices and postponed the start of our summer program to the week of July 6th.  We are keeping that July 6th date as a placeholder for now, as we all know conditions seem to be improving, but we have not been given approval to hold summer practices at this time.  For now the official start of our season is still August 7th.  August 7th would be our first practices with pads.   

We had our annual parent meeting scheduled for June 9th and we will also reschedule this meeting for early July.  A date and time TBD.  We are still planning our annual fundraiser for the 2020 season and we are hoping to launch this during our down time in June.  More information on this activity will be announced soon. 

To our new families, this is certainly not the environment we wanted to introduce you to our program.  Should you have questions, get a better understanding of our expectations, my contact information is listed below.  When more updates are available we will continue to keep this page updated.  Thank you all and be safe!

Coach Smith

Varsity: Shelley Smith – shelley.smith@mvla.net

FS: Kirk Jennings- kirk.jennings@mvla.net

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