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SCVAL Informed Consent Form – for Spring 2021 Football Season

Calendar update for Varsity practice for the week of 3/29:

M-W 5:30-8 pm
Thursday 5:30- 7:15 pm
Friday game
Saturday Film
9-11:30 am
Family Pass: The SCVAL has implemented a COVID Protocol attendance policy for this football season.  As long as we are out of the Purple Tier each player will be given a “Family Pass” for up to 4-immediate family members.  I hope to distribute this pass to ll FS and Varsity players no later than Thursday 3/11.  Passes will be checked at the gate for both home and away games.
* Please note the stadium must be cleared between FS and Varsity games due to limited distancing protocols.  Families with players on both teams will be permitted to stay.
Game Day Viewing: We have newly installed Pixellot Cameras and will be using them throughout the season. To sign up, visit https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/. Search for “Los Altos High School, Los Altos, CA for Friday’s scrimmage.
Consent Forms: Both FS and Varsity players must have a signed consent form on file prior to our games.  Please see the attachment for your copy to print and have your player return to either myself or Coach Jennings.
No Snack Shacks for Spring 2021- Plan ahead and bring your bottle water.
Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing protocols must be followed.
Attendance: the SCVAL is looking to implement an “immediate” Family Pass (4 persons) for each player.  Details and Distribution TBA later this week.
Looking to finalize volunteers for the 3/18 game vs Santa Clara
Chain Gang
3 positions FS
4 Positions Varsity
FS Clock  Operator –  1 person
FS Announcer  – 1 person
Stats- Varsity 2 persons
If you would like to help please send me an email by Wednesday 3/10
Update 2/19/21:
Spartan Families,
Let me first just say I’m so happy for our Seniors!
This morning the State has adjusted their criteria for color tiers based on their scientific data.  With that said, pending SC County approval we will be able to have a 5-game football season with our first game March 19th.  There are still many unanswered questions that will need to be worked out over the coming days since there are some new requirements presented during today’s announcement.  I will be spending the next few days reviewing and meeting with SCVAL league reps along with our Administration to try and gain more information etc…
Scrimmage on Friday March 12th @ Los Altos
First game March 18th vs. Santa Clara
Here’s the announcement that was posted in the Mercury news

Varsity: Shelley Smith – shelley.smith@mvla.net

FS: Kirk Jennings- kirk.jennings@mvla.net

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