The football program cannot run without parent volunteers.  Every family needs to sign up for at least 3 shifts or commit to a season-long role as an individual or team of 2 or 3.   Please sign-up using the volunteer form for Varsity or JV.  This is mandatory as we need everyone’s participation.

Volunteer Job Descriptions
Announcer – arrive 30 minute pre-game to ensure sound system is working. Call entire game (familiar with plays, players) – ensure system is locked post game.
Spotter – works with announcer to assist in naming players.
Clock – arrive 20 minutes pre-game to meet with official – manages official clock, scoreboard.
Stats – keep track of all player statistics and upload to maxpreps for the league and the media.  Also need spotters to help ensure stats are as accurate as possible.
Chain Gang – 3 ideally 4 volunteers (must be an adult for Varsity games) to manage the chains with the referee.  No training required and you will have the best view of the game!!!  Please arrive 20 minutes pre-game to meet with the official.
Photographer– on the field for entire game – provide copy of pictures to post on team website within one day of game.
Snack Shack – Arrive 45 minutes pre-game if working JV games or plan to stay 30 minutes post varsity game to close and clean up.   Job entails prep food and cash sales.
Team Dinners – Arrive 40 minutes prior to catered food arriving. Set tables. Manage buffet line of catered food. Tidy up post dinner (boys help).

Volunteer for Game Day: Varsity sign-up
Volunteer for Game Day: JV sign-up