1. Does my son need to attend Summer Conditioning?

This is highly recommended.  In many cases this the the first opportunity for you son to learn how to lift weights, condition for football and learn the foundation of our football system.  Missing this camp will place your son in a position that greatly impacts his ability to be successful next season. 


2. Does my son need to attend the Passing Tournament?

Another highly recommended activity if your son is playing a “skilled” position. Line are the only positions who are exempt, but many of our players attend for the teamwork and support.

3. When should we take our summer vacations?

We encourage all our players to take a family vacation. In addition, if a player needs to miss some time due to family obligations that are during our summer conditioning window that’s also OK.  Just remember, we focus on football everyday and our players are responsible for “catching up” as we do not have the time to backtrack on the learning process. 

4. Is any of this mandatory?

The CCS does not allow us to make any of our summer programs mandatory, but as our returning players know, it’s all highly recommended.  Player participation offers the best opportunity for a successful experience. 

5. My son is also interested in playing basketball, can he do both this summer?

Yes, we work closely with the basketball program building a schedule where our players can accomplish both.