COVID-19 at Home Workouts + Free Meals

Spartan Football Players,

As we know now, the rest of the school year has been canceled because of the horrible and threatening COVID-19 virus, however we must still SAFELY prepare for the upcoming football season.  The current circumstances have forced us all away from any gyms and have necessitated self-reliance and creativity towards improving our physical condition.  Simply stated, you need to use your imagination and knowledge of exercise to design your own at home workouts and training schedule.  As you know, there is a ton of bodyweight training that requires no equipment, other than what you have in your home.
Examples of these exercises would be:
push ups (incline, flat, decline)
sit ups
leg raises
air squats
chair dips
squat jumps
chair step ups
jump rope
pull ups (if you have a bar)
neck strengthening
and even an extended yoga/stretching routine
Additionally, as of now, you should definitely be getting outside and doing some running.  Jogging and riding your bike is fine, sprinting would be even better.  Simply find an area of your neighborhood that is safe, pick a distance measured by a landmark (two houses, three houses, four houses, etc.) sprint that distance, walk back and then do it again by X amount of reps.  Nothing complicated at all.
We were all making great progress in the weight room this semester using the tools we had in there, now you must find a way to progress on your own.  Figure out all the exercises that you can do on your own, make a schedule for yourself, and plan on making small improvements each week.  For example, if you plan to complete  100 push ups per day next week, then the week after that plan on completing 120 push ups per day, then 140, and so on.  The point is we don’t want to keep doing the same thing, we must make progress with what is available to us.  Design your own training program, circuits, exercises, sets, reps, etc. so you can track your progress over time.
Below is a link to a really great at home training program that you all should take a look at from an excellent football program/business partners.  They do require some additional equipment for some movements, so if you don’t have access to these, simply do what you can.  This provides an excellent blueprint for how you can design your at home program:
Train each day with the mindset of: HOW AM I GOING TO OUTWORK MY OPPONENT TODAY!?! – THEN DO IT!
*Make a committment to your teammates that you WILL BE READY by the time we get together again!
Last, but not least, please continue to keep a strong and healthy diet.  I understand that this is a challenging time for lots of families in and outside of our community, so please take advantage of the free meals that our district is providing during this time away from school.  Here is a link to that information:
If there’s anything else you would like help with, please don’t hesitate to ask any of your coaches for assistance.

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